Jesmond Vassallo

Jesmond Vassallo (b. 1976, Malta) is a sculptor, painter and printmaker. His main interest lies in figurative and representational art, which he crafts in an apparently spontaneous and gestural manner. Landscapes, portraits and the human figure emerge as the predominant themes in Jesmond’s works.

Following his completion of a History of Art degree from the University of Malta in 2000, Jesmond went on to study fine arts at the Accademia di belle arti in Carrara, Italy. Here he studied with highly skilled mentors and met fellow artists from all parts of the world. This period not only helped Jesmond achieve his technical and aesthetic training, but it was pivotal for him to foster essential exchanges and friendships that continue to inform his ongoing dialogue with the international art scene. Jesmond later travelled to Venice on an internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, during which he also underwent an apprenticeship with etching printer Diego Candido Cattarin.

Jesmond has collaborated with veteran artists Raymond Pitré, Pawl Carbonaro, Gabriel Caruana and the late Charles Cassar among others. He currently teaches original printmaking at the University of Malta and figure drawing at the Society of Arts. For the past five years, he has organised an annual original print exhibition in Malta, which recently opened its doors to international participants. Travel continues to be a pivotal source of inspiration for Jesmond’s works. His most recent trips in Tokyo and Morocco have both left visible traces on his artistic output.