Noel Galea Bason


Noel Galea Bason (b. 1955, Malta) embarked on a three-year scholarship course at the Scuola dell’Arte della Medaglia in Rome in 1975. On his return, he was employed as sole designer-engraver of coins and medals at the Malta Mint (1977-1991). He has since designed and engraved more than 80 coins as well as numerous medals and trophies. Among his major achievements were the design of a completely new Maltese Lira coin set, commemorative stamps and reliefs to mark Pope John Paul II’s visit to Malta, a state gift to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and bronze monuments of state figure Dom Mintoff.

His first solo exhibition, held in 1988 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta, presented a collection of bronze reliefs. Noel has since participated in numerous collective exhibitions both locally and abroad. He also served on the Valletta and Floriana Rehabilitation Committee for a number of years. Besides forming part of private collections, his work may be found in international museums including the British Museum in London.