Adriano Ciarla


Adriano Ciarla (b. 1970, Lucerne, Switzerland) works in various materials in sculpture. His creations are sculpted in wood, bronze, terracotta and various types of stone including granite, marble, sandstone and calcareous stone.

Adriano first worked as a wood carver before proceeding to study live drawing at the Accademia di belle arti in Naples. Later, he moved to Florence to model in clay, following which he attended the Val Gardena school to specialise in wood sculpture. He also studied at the art academy and the Scuola del marmo – the professional institute for marble – in Carrara, where he lives and works today.

Adriano’s work takes its main inspiration from live studies of human and animal forms. The artist has participated in numerous sculpture symposiums in Italy and overseas, and his works have been exhibited in Germany, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Tunisia.