Claire Fontana


Claire Fontana (b. 1972, Strasbourg, France) works in various media, namely painting, graphic arts and sculpture. Claire studied fine arts at the college of Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, after which she was awarded a number of studentships to attend the Accademia di belle arti in Carrara, Italy, where she specialised in sculpture.

Claire has collaborated with various art galleries, setting up solo shows and participating in various collective exhibitions in France, Belgium, the UK, Spain and Germany. Her artistic process involves live model studies and her works represent the human interacting with natural elements such as the wind, water, and animals. Most of her recent work is in sculptural form, using a variety of media such as wax, terracotta, and bronze casts. A number of her artworks even include glass and crystal, with the latter being the result of a collaboration with the artist William Velasquez.